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The 3 Best Types Of Flavored Whiskey

Are you interested in flavored whiskey? You're not alone. The flavored whiskey craze has taken the nation by storm, and now is a good time to be a burgeoning distiller. 

Many people have yet to discover flavored whiskey for themselves, but it can change their lives when they do. Let's explore three different types of flavored whiskey and why they have become so popular.

Honey Whiskey

Honey whiskey is a type of whiskey that's blended with honey and other ingredients to give it a distinctive flavor.

Honey whiskey is made from malted barley, water, corn, and yeast. It's distilled traditionally in copper pot stills. However, unlike regular whiskey, honey whiskey has a sweeter and lighter taste.

Some producers blend honey with other spirits like bourbon or rye, while others use only honey as their base ingredient.

The taste of honey whiskey varies depending on how long it's aged. 

Maple Whiskey

Maple whiskey is a spirit made from the sap of maple trees. It is produced in the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Maple whiskey is distilled from maple sap and then aged in oak barrels, with the length of the aging process impacting the flavor. 

Maple whiskey can be made from either wild or cultivated maple trees. Maple sap has a sugar content of about 2% by weight, so it must be boiled down to concentrate it into syrup. After this process, the syrup may be fermented into beer before being distilled into whiskey.

Cinnamon Whiskey

Cinnamon whiskey is a sweet and spicy spirit made from whiskey and cinnamon. It has a dark brown hue, medium body, and high alcohol content. This type of whiskey is often used to make cocktails.

Cinnamon whiskey is made by infusing cinnamon into whiskey. Once it's ready, the cinnamon-infused liquid is mixed with other liquors and sweeteners before being bottled.

Cinnamon whiskey is most commonly made using American white dog or moonshine as its base spirit, but it can also be made with bourbon or rye whiskey. In fact, some distilleries use both types of whiskey in their recipes! Some distilleries add other spices, such as cloves or allspice berries, when making their own cinnamon whiskeys.

Flavored whiskey is a great way to switch things up and take yourself out of the ordinary. Whether you are a novice to the whiskey-drinking game or need to spice up the whiskey collection for your next dinner party, honey, maple, and cinnamon whiskey are all good options. 

Reach out to a liquor store near you to learn more about flavored whiskey sales.